El Condado De La Salsa y Jazz Latino - Best Latin Jazz CD’s of 2021

By Nelson Rodríguez

Latin Jazz was once again amazing this year with only a few new acts into the charts and a host of veterans that each could easily be a Grammy nominee.

‘And let’s be very clear that my passion for Latin Jazz comes from the Afro Cuban/Caribbean side I grew up with in NYC during the 60’s & 70’s and the discovering the early pioneers from the 40’s through the 60’s. I originally came from the Mambo Jazz dance side of the genre being created in New York but have grown to love it all with a strong essence of percussion’….this is an excerpt from my article “The Best Latin Jazz Hits of All Time” and the basis for my picks.

Latin Jazz has become one of the fastest growing genres in the world with close to a dozen recordings coming out in the early months of 2022 that include Mario Ortiz, Luisito Quintero, Julio Jaregui, Aguanko, Eguie Castrillo, Carlos Jimenez Mambo Dulcet and Richie Viruet (Richie Vee).

Best Latin Jazz CD’s of 2021

  1. Victor Rendón and Bronx Conexión Latin Big Band “Mambo Boulevard”
  2. Willy Calderon & The L.A. Impromptu Orchestra “L.A. Impromptu”
  3. Songon “Songon”
  4. Carlos Henriquez “The South Bronx Story”
  5. Charlie Sepulveda & The Turnaround “This Is Latin Jazz”
  6. The Echo Park Project “It’s My Turn”
  7. Papo Vazquez Mighty Pirate Troubadours “Chapter 10: Breaking Cover”
  8. Oscar Hernandez & Alma Libre “Vision”
  9. La Banda Ramirez “Cuban Butterflies”
  10. Nelson Riveros “The Latin Side of Wes Montgomery”
  11. Nettai Tropical Jazz Big Band “25th Anniversary”
  12. Jorge Emilio Fadul “Ahora Es Cuando”
  13. CSAN-II- “Combinacion Musical”
  14. Alonso Gonzalez Jazz Latino “Descarga Pa’ Mi”
  15. Edilio Bermudez “Walking”
  16. Rayko Leon & Carlos Aleman “En Clave de Rumbach”
  17. Pablo Perez Cuban Jazz Sextet “Charangueando En Jazz”
  18. Abrazos: “The Havana Sessions”
  19. Arturo O’Farrill and The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra
  20. Rigo y su Obra Maestra “Universe”
  21. Banda Manatiana “Transtropico”
  22. Carlos Miyares “Tributo A Chucho Valdes”
  23. Marlow Rosado Ft. Chucho Valdes “Orun”
  24. Michael Olivera & The Cuban Jazz Syndicate “Y Llego La Luz”
  25. Chiqui Rojas, Yuri Daniel, Glenn Tomassi “1st Reunion”
  26. Miguel De Armas Quartet “Continuous”
  27. Carlos Jiménez Mambo Dulcet “Red Tailed Hawk Vol. 1, 2, 3”
  28. Paquito D’ Rivera Septeto “Cariberian”
  29. Truth Revolution recording Collective “Together Again”
  30. Roque Martinez “GuajiroSax”